I went for a walk down the Limmat river starting from Zurich HB up to Letten.

I shoot JPEGs, to see if I can save some time editing and space on disk. I was playing around with film simulation recipes, although I ended up converting a few pictures to black and white.

I went stroll in the city on a Friday afternoon. People hang out in Sihlhözli, doing sports or just taking a walk, enjoying the warm weather.

I used to live nearby a few years ago. It's always nice to go back.

I went for a quick photowalk along the Limmat during my lunch pause.

I met a friend for lunch and a walk in the city, on the first weekend when restaurants with outdoor seats are open for business again. The city was packed!

My friend comes from Bern, which gave me time to check out my old, closed office at Google, Brandschenkestrasse 110. I got off the train at Giesshübel.

Does it? It looks darker, but it is not a bad thing per se. It reminds me of some of the work of portrait photographer Oladimeji “Oladimeg” Odunsi.

It would be interesting to see a comparison of the effect of color filters on skin of different gradation.

Blue filters will make some skin blemishes more prominent and the skin darker, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. Freckles can be sexy.

I wanted to see the effect of blue filter on pictures of people of color, with different gradations of skin tone. I used Silver Efex on pictures downloaded…

Roberto Lupi

Italian 🇮🇹 expat 🇨🇭 likes 📸 🚌 🤿 🛫🚴🏻 SRE@Google

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